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Build your village, defend it from marauding hordes and hunt down and raid evil dungeons and battlements. Barter your spoils with traders to acquire needed goods and raw materials for your people. Set sail, and expand the reach of your realm with new settlements and fortifications. Reclaim all of that which was lost and win the game! This game is for PC Windows computers

Game Flow

  •  defend your village from 3 waves of attackers
  • defend your village from an aerial assault
  • 5 minutes of trading and building/rebuilding
  • repeat the above until your home island is completely built.
  • You receive a Dock and a Ship
  • The quest phase begins

The game world is dynamically/randomly generated so the game never plays the same way twice. Enemies are random, quests and reward items are also randomly generated.

Heroes have different abilities, however every hero has at least a few ranged attacks, and very heavy damage boss beaters.


Norseman - Norsemen are a race of people that live in the permafrost. Norsemen are immune to cold and fire. They posses incredible strength and stamina. They wield hammers imbued with the power of The Never Ending Winter, they can cast frosty tornadoes, ice missiles. At higher skill levels, they can hurl glaciers. They use griffons for aerial combat.

Valkyrie - Valkyrie are a powerful female only class of warriors who dedicate their lives to avenging fallen warriors and defending against the darkness. They have mastery over electricity and can channel it through their weapons, and can even create weapons made of it. They are capable of instantaneous movement. The Valkyrie use winged horses(Pegasus) as their aerial mounts.

Order of Cloud - Although the origins of the Order of Cloud are unknown, they are known for their prowess in battle, and their wings. They can use Red Force to project their weapons and shields. All members of The Order of Cloud are D.P.S. kings


War Fairy - Of all the fairies in the world, very few attain the title of War Fairy. Unmatched regen capabilities, eye beams, pixie summons, and an array of curses that lay waste to any enemy. A war fairy will rely on dodge in lieu of having little or no defensive capabilities.

Sky Master - Master of ninjas, Master of flight, cursed dark magic, temporal manipulation, spacial manipulation, mind control. Living bio-essence transmutation, the ability to leech life force from one being to another. The sky masters are male only class and they are utterly fearless.

Amazon - Amazons are a race of female archers who specialize in "trick shots" shooting arrows in ways no other warriors can. Archers are usually a range only class, but Amazon Archers do have a few heavy damage melee attacks.


Atlantean - Warlords of Atlantis are well known for their strength and unmatched ferocity. They can literally use their tridents to manipulate water and summon all manner and form of creatures from the depths. Very tough, very fast and very agile.

Siren - Sirens of the sea are world renown for their spell casting abilities. These siren are telekinetic manipulators, combining sound and mental telekinesis to create form. They are dual wielding chakrum throwers and their melee fighting skills make them very heavy DPS warriors.

Djinn - A magical/mystical race of beings. They combine magic and modern warfare to attack their foes. They posses superb range attack capabilities, and immensely heavy bleed sword attacks making masters of "Hit and Run" attacks. The DJin are rulers of DOT attacks.


Dragon-rider - All Dragon wards are pyrotechnic masters. They combine their fire skills with blazing fast hand to hand martial arts to produce blistering DOT/AOE damage. Their mounts are always dragons and riders can tell their dragon to breath large stream of fire at any enemies within range. Dragon-riders are the most powerful hero class in the air.

Arcadian - Arcadian's are known as the Heaviest damage dual wield gladiators throughout all the known realms. Very powerful, Very tough and the heaviest damage of all melee one on one attacks.

Savager - By definition, a savager is more savage than a savage! Quite appropriate in the case of this class...they are fearless, have very high regen rates, use bows, boomerangs, long dinosaur tooth clubs, and stone mallets. Their mounts for aerial combat are always flying panthers.

This game features almost a hundred different enemies, but only a dozen are to be considered Nemeses...Arch Villains

1) Scorpia

2) Anubis

My name is Ranjeet "Rungy" Singhal, the first name is pronounced "run-jee".
During the course of my career, I have been a Technology Director...a Tech Artist...a Lead Animator...a Character Artist...and a Pixel Pusher.
    Character Renders here https://www.artstation.com/rungy
    Unity Assets here https://assetstore.unity.com/publishers/15260

Knowledge, Experience, Skills and Accomplishments:

  • Expert level of Unity engine experience(check my asset store)
  • 19+ years specializing technical art for real time games on console and PC
  • 18+ years of developing in Maxscript, about 3 years of MEL
  • 9+ years or more of production experience in game development as a Character Artist.
  • 5+ years experience developing character/avatar customization systems and data.

This game has been in development for 4 years. The vast majority of the game play mechanics are complete, but the biggest risk for this project is getting funded through its completion in Dec.

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StatusIn development
GenreAction, Adventure
Tags3D, Action-Adventure, Action RPG, Fantasy, Kickstarter, Singleplayer, Top-Down


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